Websites for Non-Profits!

By | Press & Studio Announcements

I’m very pleased to announce I am actively accepting new clients for web development and online marketing. Continuing with my current business philosophy, I’ll be focusing my efforts to work exclusively with non-profits to bring them the same agency-quality work they deserve within their budgets.

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A swathe through white space, from -scapes by Kevin Halfhill

A swathe through white space: A lesson in detachment

By | About Macrostellar

“A passerby, an interloper, traveling through the white space of the world will leave behind traces of color. But colors fade, white remains, and space is common company to a disconnected, passing star.” I created this piece, “A swathe through white space,” as a lesson in detachment, intended as a reminder that solitude equates neither stagnation nor sorrow. Learn more about the special meaning and story behind this piece: comets, detachment, and the power of going forward.

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