The Curioos Blog: [Interview] Kevin Halfhill, “Macrostellar (s1)”

By January 10, 2016 September 6th, 2016 No Comments

Curioos NY interviewed me a few months ago about my debut series of  cosmos-inspired, abstract landscapes, Macrostellar (s1). They recently sent over some of the assets they used in promoting the series, which is available exclusively through their gallery. One of my favorite quotes they pulled from the interview is:

It’s critical to nurture our creative efforts in whatever we do because it’s such a vital part of being human. Creativity is a large part of our individuality, and therefore also a primary component to living a fulfilling life.

Read more about what I had to say about creativity and the pursuit of happiness here.

Limited Edition prints of Macrostellar (s1) are available exclusively through Curioos on paper, canvas, stunning aluminum, and acrylic glass. All prints are manually numbered, signed, embossed and shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

Source: The Curioos Blog: [Interview] Kevin Halfhill | “Macrostellar (s1)”