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Abstract Interpretations of the Universe

Stadt Neue

Abstract Portraits of Cities of the World


Geometric Pop Art and Portraiture


Agressive Abstracts

Congenial Impositions

Abstracts for Everywhere

Commissioned Portraiture

Privately-held works made upon request

Abstract Distillations

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Activism through Artistry

Abstract Art,
Geometric Pop Art & Portraiture
by Kevin Halfhill

Kevin Halfhill is a self-taught digital artist from Los Angeles, California. Now, he works internationally and loves connecting with people everywhere who share his interest in creating beautiful and meaningful things. His work reflects influences of abstract, minimalism, dystopianism, collage, macro photography, and often focuses on complex arrangements of simple geometric shapes. He is known for his colorful, often origami-like portraits, and his use of simple shapes to create intricate, evocative imagery.

April 27, 2018 in Press & Studio Announcements

Websites for Non-Profits!

I'm very pleased to announce I am actively accepting new clients for web development and online marketing. Continuing with my current business philosophy, I'll be focusing my efforts to work…
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October 4, 2016 in Press & Studio Announcements, Accolades

NYC Skylines Collection at Curioos

A while back, I was invited to create a few pieces for a new collection at Curioos NY/Paris: New York City Skylines. Curioos is featuring two of my new pieces…
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October 3, 2016 in Press & Studio Announcements

For the birds: Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

I recently created a piece, "Pearl & Friends," for Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to celebrate and help support the amazing work they're doing with Texan avian wildlife. After many months,…
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