I provide apparel merchandise solutions for a number of brands and charitable organizations.

Spreading love around the world one t-shirt at a time

Freedom. Equality. Liberation. And a lot of shirts.

Servicing the Southwest United Kingdom since 2013

Official Apparel for Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Activism through artistry, change through purpose

I believe business can be used as a force for good, which is why I donate up to 40% of my net profits to charitable causes. By buying and wearing clothes from my collections, you are directly combating ignorance, strengthening our communities, fighting climate change, protecting wildlife, and improving our world.

When I started selling t-shirts, I knew that I wanted to do something more than just make cool t-shirts—I want to make people feel. I try to do that every day through my work. I believe more than anything that imagination and individuality are two of the most vital parts of being human. Creativity is a primary component of our individuality, and therefore largely contributes to our success in living a fulfilling life. For me, my work is about much more than just making stuff or having fun; it’s about making a statement. Non-verbal creativity allows us to express and influence in ways that words cannot—photography, visual art, music, fashion are all formidable instruments at our disposal in our collective quest to better The World. More often than not, these things make us feel, and feelings can be powerful. Power, when focused, promotes change, and I can’t escape my belief that change is yet another of the best parts of the human experience.

I’m from Orange County, California. Now, I live in Germany, work internationally, and love to connect with people and organizations everywhere who are interested in creating beautiful and meaningful things.

Fine Art Collections

My work is always evolving, but I focus on three primary styles: geometric portraiture, abstract landscapes, and minimalist dioramas. I try to tell a story through all of my work; each series differs in subject and motif, but they all share a common purpose: to externalize a sentiment. To that end, each piece seeks to both embody and inspire a specific emotional landscape for the viewer.