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The Grand Reboot: a Letter to the Clients of DragonCalledK

By July 2, 2014 May 24th, 2015 7 Comments

Farewell to websites, hello Internet: Like Adobe says, everything new is new again.

Ten years seems to be the going shelf-life for my digital footrpint. I started my online creative presence with; after 8 or 9 years, that name, and the identity I built around it, just didn’t feel like it suited me anymore. Thus, was born.

Now, ten years later, it’s time to retire that identity as well. DragonCalledK was a wonderful continuation of a nearly 20-year chapter of my life—helping businesses and non-profit organizations build, grow, and maintain their online presences. I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic non-profit organizations, like the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation and Sandpipers, just to name two. I also was privileged to have served as Vident’s webmaster for nearly 13 years. DragonCalledK was a truly enjoyable experience.

But today I start a new chapter. An entirely new chapter. I’m focusing on my creative work fulltime—art, design, and the occasional dabble at photography. With this new focus on personal creativity, I felt it was time to finally create a new online presence.

So today I welcome you to My rebranding is total: domain/site, logo, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages/profiles, etc. If you’re looking to find me on the web, just search for WeAreHalfhill.

Someone asked, “What’s with the name?” One of my favorite films of all time isBeing John Malkovich. At one point in the film, John (who is being possessed by a gaggle of the elderly) says, “We are Malkovich.” It’s just stuck with me over the years for some reason, partially because I feel like we are all “we” in some way or another. But that’s a post for another time.

I have lots going on in the studio, and can’t wait to tell you about all of it. Stay tuned!