Macrostellar (S1)

By February 25, 2015 March 8th, 2016 No Comments

As I mentioned last month, I’ve left the confines of a two-dimensional workspace and begun exploring the possibilities of working in a three-dimensional space. I posted a preview of some of my experiments, work-in-progress. Today, I’m proud to talk about the finished pieces.

-scapes is a new body of work I’ve focused on since last year. While many people know me for my geometric portraits, I’ve also wanted to venture into the abstract for some time. -scapes has allowed me to do just that. Born of my love of minimalism, surrealism, dystopianism, macro photography, and (of course) collage, -scapes is a body of work which will consist of multiple collections. Today, I’m pleased to present the first pieces of the series: Macrostellar. A tribute to the wonders of the cosmos that surrounds us, each piece is inspired by a unique element of our universe.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

There are 11 pieces in the Macrostellar collection.

Not to be forgotten

Three pieces which are part of the -scapes series, but not part of Macrostellar, are also available today: Ziggurat, Monolith in Green Field, and Dark road to the pale city:

I’ll be adding several more pieces to Macrostellar over the next few months. If you’d like to be notified as I add new pieces to this set, sign up for my newsletter, or follow me on Facebook , Twitter, or Google+.