Greetings from your friendly neighborhood web developer!

Back in the Summer of 2013, I took a break from web design to pursue my love of fine art. This exploration led to the birth of two fundraising platforms, focusing on animal welfare and wildlife conservation, and mental health. These projects have been fully realized, with over $80,000 in apparel sales in support of a variety of partner organizations. I couldn’t be happier.

But both of these sites are largely self-managed now, and many of the organizations I work with have asked if I might employ my previous years’ experience as a web developer to assist them with their web presences. While I’ve been selectively doing this for several years now during my hiatus, I’m very pleased to announce I am actively accepting new clients for web development and online marketing. Continuing with my current business philosophy, I’ll be focusing my efforts to work exclusively with non-profits to bring them the same agency-quality work they deserve within their budgets.

Get in touch today if you need me.
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